HADOUKEN! is inspired from the name of the special attack from the Street Fighter video game series. Our philosophy stems from the idea of “creating something from nothing”, this is the HADOUKEN!

Our Vision

Be the most trusted (advisor) and a market leader in our fields, guided by our core philosophy of Challenge, Create & Champion.

The Mission

To harness the power of data & creativity while delivering the greatest impact & value for our customers and our people. Ultimately to serve.

Mantra Value

“Challenge, Create & Champion”

We CHALLENGE ourselves, we are fearless.

We CREATE our own opportunities.

We CHAMPION the fields & disciplines that we’re in.

Repeat.Hadouken.cn, Performance Marketing, Data Intelligence & Content
Until we get it done and get it right.

We Also Value

Care, Courage, Respect, Integrity, Transparency, Innovation, Creativity, Ambition, Leaderships & Love.